Samuel Cuerrier Auclair

MSC., Ing

Samuel Cuerrier Auclair completed his master thesis in 2016 at Laval University where the subject was to optimize the ductility of timber-concrete composite beams. Samuel received the mention of excellence for his master thesis. He started to work at FPInnovations in 2015 as a scientist in the building system group and he participated in the research project of several subjects as timber-concrete composite floor, the structural performance of mass-timber shear wall, the vibration performance of mass-timber floor and the acoustic performance of building. More recently, he started to study the wind-induced vibration of tall timber building. Samuel didn’t the full expertise related to that field, so he decided, with the help of Dr. Girma Bitsuamlak, professor at the University of Western Ontario, to deepen his fundamental knowledge on the subject of wind-induced vibration of tall timber building by doing a Ph.D. thesis while still working at FPInnovations.